Thanks for the memories! in six years as Floyd’s Pro Cycling & Silber Cycling the team won 166 races – in UCI and non-UCI events alike. Check out the history here. Hint: enter rider’s name, race or race class into ‘search field’ to filter. Click the column headings to sort.

Results → 2019

Top 10

uci-america Floyd’s Pro Cycling finished the season ranked 3rd of 30 teams on the UCI America Tour. One Floyd’s rider was selected for the World Championships.

PlaceRaceStage/EventClassLocationDate mm/ddRider
1Tucson Classic1 (TT)NE Tucson, AZ03/01Serghei Tvetcov
3Tucson Classic1 (TT)NE Tucson, AZ03/01Nick Zukowsky
1Tucson Classic2 (RR)NE Tucson, AZ03/02Travis McCabe
3Tucson Classic2 (RR)NE Tucson, AZ03/02Nick Zukowsky
1Tucson ClassicGCNE Tucson, AZ03/03Serghei Tvetcov
2Tucson ClassicGCNE Tucson, AZ03/03Nick Zukowsky
3Tucson Classic3 (RR)NE Tucson, AZ03/03Alec Cowan
7Tucson Classic3 (RR)NE Tucson, AZ03/03Travis McCabe
3Redlands Classic2 (RR)PRTRedlands, CA03/14Alec Cowan
8Redlands Classic3 (RR)PRTRedlands, CA03/15Alec Cowan
1Redlands Classic4 (Crit)PRTRedlands, CA03/16Noah Granigan
3Redlands Classic5 (RR)PRTRedlands, CA03/17Alec Cowan
5Tour of Taiwan1 (RR)UCI 2.1Taipei, Taiwan03/17Travis McCabe
5Redlands ClassicGCPRTRedlands, CA03/17Alec Cowan
1Tour of Taiwan2 (RR)UCI 2.1Taipei, Taiwan03/18Jonny Clarke
6Tour of Taiwan3 (RR)UCI 2.1Taipei, Taiwan03/19Travis McCabe
2Tour of Taiwan4 (RR)UCI 2.1Taipei, Taiwan03/20Jonny Clarke
1Tour of TaiwanGCUCI 2.1Taipei, Taiwan03/21Jonny Clarke
5Tour of Taiwan5 (RR)UCI 2.1Taipei, Taiwan03/21Travis McCabe
2Le Tour de Langkawi1 (RR)2.HCTampin, Malaysia04/06Travis McCabe
5Joe Martin SR2 (RR)2.2Fayetteville, AR04/06Noah Granigan
1Le Tour de Langkawi3 (RR)2.HCPutajaya, Malaysia04/08Travis McCabe
1Joe Martin SR4 (Crit)2.2Fayetteville, AR04/08Alec Cowan
3Joe Martin SRYoung Rider2.2Fayetteville, AR04/08Carson Miles
5Joe Martin SRGC2.2Fayetteville, AR04/08Alec Cowan
6Joe Martin SR4 (Crit)2.2Fayetteville, AR04/08Noah Granigan
3Le Tour de Langkawi4 (RR)2.HCGenting Highlands, Malaysia04/09Keegan Swirbul
3Le Tour de Langkawi5 (RR)2.HCTaiping, Malaysia04/10Travis McCabe
5Le Tour de Langkawi6 (RR)2.HCAlor Setar, Malaysia04/11Travis McCabe
8Le Tour de Langkawi7 (RR) 2.HCPentai Senang, Malaysia04/12Travis McCabe
1Le Tour de LangkawiPoints Classification2.HCMalaysia04/13Travis McCabe
1Le Tour de LangkawiTeam2.HCMalaysia 04/13Team
2Le Tour de LangkawiGC2.HCMalaysia04/13Keegan Swirbul
5Le Tour de Langkawi8 (RR)2.HCKuah, Malaysia04/13Travis McCabe
6Le Tour de LangkawiKOM2.HCMalaysia04/13Keegan Swirbul
10Le Tour de LangkawiGC2.HCMalaysia04/13Travis McCabe
2Koppenburg RRRRNEBoulder, CO04/28Noah Granigan
4Tour of the Gila1 (RR)2.2Mogollon, NM05/01Keegan Swirbul
6Tour of the Gila1 (RR)2.2Mogollon, NM05/01Nick Zukowsky
1Tour of the Gila2 (RR)2.2Fort Bayard, NM05/02Travis McCabe
2Tour of the Gila2 (RR)2.2Fort Bayard, NM05/02Nick Zukowsky
6Tour of the Gila2 (RR)2.2Fort Bayard, NM05/02Keegan Swirbul
1Tour of the Gila3 (ITT)2.2Tyrone, NM05/03Serghei Tvetcov
1Granby TT pb ThuleTTNEGranby, QC05/04Robin Plamondon
2Tour of the Gila4 (Crit)2.2Silver City, NM05/04Travis McCabe
4Tour of the Gila4 (Crit)2.2Silver City, NM05/04Nick Zukowsky
1Tour of the GilaYoung Rider (U23)2.2Silver City, NM05/05Nick Zukowsky
2Tour of the GilaTeam2.2Silver City, NM05/05Team
3Tour of the GilaGC2.2Silver City, NM05/05Nick Zukowsky
6Tour of the GilaGC2.2Silver City, NM05/05Keegan Swirbul
8Contrecoeur RRRRNEContrecoeur, QC05/05Robin Plamondon
9Tour of the Gila5 (RR)2.2Pinos Altos, NM05/05Keegan Swirbul
10Tour of the Gila5 (RR)2.2Pinos Altos, NM 05/05Nick Zukowsky
2Amgen Tour of California1 (RR)WTSacramento, CA05/12Travis McCabe
10Winston Salem Cycling ClassicCritUSA Crit #3Winston Salem05/25Emile Jean
10Winston Salem Cycling ClassicRR1.2Winston Salem, NC05/27Noah Granigan
1Cascade Cycling Classic1 (RR)NEBend, OR05/29Alec Cowan
7Cascade Cycling Classic1 (RR)NEBend, OR05/29Travis McCabe
4Cascade Cycling Classic2 (RR)NEBend, OR05/30Serghei Tvetcov
1Cascade Cycling Classic3 (RR)NEBend, OR05/31Travis McCabe
6Cascade Cycling Classic3 (RR)NEBend, OR05/31Emile Jean
9Cascade Cycling Classic3 (RR)NEBend, OR05/31Serghei Tvetcov
1Cascade Cycling Classic4 (Crit)NEBend, OR06/01Travis McCabe
2Cascade Cycling Classic4 (Crit)NEBend, OR06/01Emile Jean
3Cascade Cycling Classic4 (Crit)NEBend, OR06/01Nick Zukowsky
4Cascade Cycling Classic4 (Crit)NEBend, OR06/01Alec Cowan
9Dirty KanzaGravelNEEmporia, KS06/01Noah Granigan
1Cascade Cycling ClassicTeamNEBend, OR06/02Team
1Cascade Cycling ClassicGCNEBend, OR06/02Travis McCabe
1Cascade Cycling ClassicPoints NEBend, OR06/02Travis McCabe
1Cascade Cycling ClassicKOMNEBend, OR06/02Travis McCabe
6Cascade Cycling Classic5 (RR)NEBend, OR06/02Travis McCabe
6Cascade Cycling ClassicGCNEBend, OR06/02Serghei Tvetcov
8Cascade Cycling Classic5 (RR)NEBend, OR06/02Alec Cowan
6GP Charlevoix 1 (Crit)NECharlevoix, QC06/07Robin Plamondon
8GP Charlevoix3 (Hill Climb)NECharlevoix, QC06/08Robin Plamondon
10GP Charlevoix2 (TT)NECharlevoix, QC06/08Robin Plamondon
9GP CharlevoixGCNECharlevoix, QC06/09Robin Plamondon
5GPC Saguenay1 (RR)2.2Jonquière, QC06/13Emile Jean
10GPC Saguenay1 (RR)2.2Jonquière, QC06/13Nick Zukowsky
5GPC Saguenay2 (RR)2.2La Baie, QC06/14Nick Zukowsky
3GPC Saguenay3 (Crit)2.2Chicoutimi, QC06/15Emile Jean
4GPC Saguenay3 (Crit)2.2Chicoutimi, QC06/15Nick Zukowsky
1GPC SaguenayGC2.2Chicoutimi, QC06/16Nick Zukowsky
1GPC SaguenayPoints2.2Chicoutimi, QC06/16Nick Zukowsky
1GPC SaguenayYoung Rider2.2Chicoutimi, QC06/16Nick Zukowsky
7GPC Saguenay4 (RR)2.2Chicoutimi, QC06/16Emile Jean
8GPC Saguenay4 (RR)2.2Chicoutimi, QC06/16Nick Zukowsky
8GPC SaguenayGC2.2Chicoutimi, QC06/16Emile Jean
2Tour de Beauce1 (RR)2.2St Georges, QC06/19Nick Zukowsky
2Tour de Beauce2 (RR)2.2Mégantic, QC06/20Keegan Swirbul
4Tour de Beauce2 (RR)2.2Mégantic, QC06/20Serghei Tvetcov
6Tour de Beauce2 (RR)2.2Mégantic, QC06/20Nick Zukowsky
1Tour de Beauce3a (TT)2.2Mégantic, QC06/21Serghei Tvetcov
4Tour de Beauce3b (RR)2.2 Saint-Georges, QC06/21Keegan Swirbul
8Tour de Beauce3b (RR) 2.2Saint-Georges, QC06/21Serghei Tvetcov
9Tour de Beauce3a (TT)2.2Mégantic, QC06/21Nick Zukowsky
9Tour de Beauce4 (Crit)2.2Quebec, QC06/22Nick Zukowsky
10Tour de Beauce4 (Crit)2.2Quebec, QC06/22Emile Jean
1Tour de BeauceTeam GC2.2Saint-Georges, QC06/23Team
3Tour de Beauce5 (Circuit)2.2Saint-Georges, QC06/23Keegan Swirbul
3Tour de BeauceGC2.2Saint-Georges, QC06/23Nick Zukowsky
4Tour de BeauceGC2.2Saint-Georges, QC06/23Keegan Swirbul
5Tour de BeauceGC2.2Saint-Georges, QC06/23Serghei Tvetcov
7Tour de Beauce5 (Circuit)2.2Saint-Georges, QC06/23Nick Zukowsky
9European GamesTTJCBelarus06/25Serghei Tvetcov
1Romanian National ITT ChampionshipsTTNCMinsk, Romania06/28Serghei Tvetcov
1US Pro Crit ChampionshipsCritCNKnoxville, TN06/28Travis McCabe
3Canadian U23 ITT ChampionshipsTTCNSaint-Prosper, QC06/28Nick Zukowsky
7Canadian Elite ITT ChampionshipsTTCNSaint-Prosper, QC06/28Nick Zukowsky
10Canadian U23 ITT ChampionshipsTTCNSaint-Prosper, QC06/28Carson Miles
1Canadian U23 Road ChampionshipsRRCNSaint-Georges, QC06/30Nick Zukowsky
3Canadian Elite Road ChampionshipsRRCNSaint-Georges, QC06/30Nick Zukowsky
2Canadian Elite Crit ChampionshipsCritCNSaint-Georges, QC07/01Robin Plamondon
4Canadian Elite Crit ChampionshipsCritCNSaint-Georges, QC07/01Alec Cowan
9Canadian Elite Crit ChampionshipsCritCNSaint-Georges, QC07/01Emile Jean
10Canadian Elite Crit ChampionshipsCritCNSaint-Georges, QC07/01Nick Zukowsky
3North Delta CritCritNEDelta, BC07/05Emile Jean
4Sibiu Cycling TourRR (2)2.1Bâlea Lac, Romania07/05Serghei Tvetcov
5North Delta CritCritNEDelta, BC07/05Noah Granigan
7North Delta CritCritNEDelta, BC07/05Travis McCabe
1Ladner CritCritNEDelta, BC07/06Travis McCabe
8Ladner CritCritNEDelta, BC07/06Emile Jean
10Sibiu Cycling TourRR (3)2.1Păltiniș, Romania07/06Serghei Tvetcov
4Delta RRRR1.2Delta, BC07/07Travis McCabe
5Sibiu Cycling TourGC2.1Sibiu, Romania07/07Serghei Tvetcov
5New West GPCritNENew Westminster, BC07/09Travis McCabe
2Gastown GPCritNEVancouver, BC07/10Emile Jean
5Gastown GPCritNEVancouver, BC07/10Travis McCabe
1Chrono Kristin ArmstrongTTUCI 1.2Boise, ID07/12Serghei Tvetcov
9Chrono Kristin ArmstrongTTUCI 1.2Boise, ID07/12Nick Zukowsky
2Boise Twilight CriteriumCritUSA CritsBoise, ID07/13Nick Zukowsky
9Crusher in the TusharGravelNETushar, UT07/13Travis McCabe
1Classique Jules BélandCrit (2)NEDrummondville, QC07/20Nick Zukowsky
2Classique Jules BélandRR (3)NEDrummondville, QC07/21Nick Zukowsky
4Intelligentsia Cup, Beverley Hills CCCritNEChicago, IL07/19Robin Plamondon
6Intelligentsia Cup, Tour of Lake EllynCircuitNEChicago, IL07/20Robin Plamondon
10Intelligentsia Cup, S Chicago Kermesse RRCircuitNEChicago, IL07/22Noah Simms
8Quebec ITT ChampionshipsTTNESt Georges, QC08/17Robin Plamondon
3GPC de la MatapediaRR (1)NEAmqui, QC08/08Carson Miles
5GPC de la MatapediaRR (1)NEAmqui, QC08/08Robin Plamondon
8GPC de la MatapediaRR (1)NEAmqui, QC08/08Noah Simms
8GPC de la MatapediaRR (2)NEAmqui, QC08/09Robin Plamondon
5GPC de la MatapediaTT (3)NEAmqui, QC08/10Carson Miles
7GPC de la MatapediaTT (3)NEAmqui, QC08/10Robin Plamondon
4GPC de la MatapediaCrit (4)NEAmqui, QC08/10Robin Plamondon
6GPC de la MatapediaCrit (4)NEAmqui, QC08/10Carson Miles
2GPC de la MatapediaRR (5)NEAmqui, QC08/11Carson Miles
6GPC de la MatapediaRR (5)NEAmqui, QC08/11Robin Plamondon
9GPC de la MatapediaRR (5)NEAmqui, QC08/11Noah Simms
1GPC de la MatapediaGCNEAmqui, QC08/11Carson Miles
5GPC de la MatapediaGCNEAmqui, QC08/11Robin Plamondon
7GPC de la MatapediaGCNEAmqui, QC08/11Noah Simms
3Tour of UtahTT (prologue)2.HCSnowbird, UT08/12Serghei Tvetcov
9Tour of UtahTT (prologue)2.HCSnowbird, UT08/12Keegan Swirbul
10Tour of UtahTT (prologue)2.HCSnowbird, UT08/12Travis McCabe
7Tour of UtahRR (1)2.HCNorth Logan City, UT08/13Travis McCabe
4Tour of UtahRR (3)2.HCNorth Salt Lake, UT08/15Keegan Swirbul
2Tour of UtahCircuit (4)2.HCSalt Lake City, UT08/16Travis McCabe
3Tour of UtahRR (6)2.HCPark City, UT08/18Keegan Swirbul
8Tour of UtahGC2.HCPark City, UT08/18Keegan Swirbul
1Tour of UtahPoints Classification2.HCPark City, UT08/18Travis McCabe


Top 10

uci-america Silber finished the season ranked 17th of 47 teams on the UCI America Tour. Three Silber riders were selected for the World Championships.

PlaceRaceStage/EventClassLocationDate mm/ddRider
1Joe Martin Stage RaceStage 2
UCI 2.2Fayetteville, AK04/13
Alec Cowan
1Mardis Lachine #4CritNEMontreal, QC06/26Pier-André Côté
1Ontario Provincial ChampionshipsRRNEKitchener, ON06/03Travis Samuel
1Ontario Track ChampionshipsKiloNEMilton, ON03/03
Ryan Roth
1Ontario Track ChampionshipsScratch raceNEMilton, ON03/04Ryan Roth
1Flapjack Flats TTTTNETucson, AZ03/10Nick Zukowsky
1Musselman Honda CriteriumCritNETucson, AZ03/10Nick Zukowsky
1Tour de BeauceStage 5UCI 2.2St. Georges, QC06/17Pier-André Côté
1Flapjack Flats OmniumOmniumNETucson, AZ03/10Nick Zukowsky
1Mardis Lachine #1CritNEMontreal, QC06/05Pier-André Côté
1Ste-Martine RRRRNESte-Martine, QC04/22Marc-Antoine Soucy
1Bird's Hill RRRRNEBird's Hill National Park, MB04/29Danick Vandale
1Thule TTTTNEGranby, QC05/05Pier-André Côté
1Mardis Lachine Series 2018 OverallCritNELachine, QC08/14Marc-Antoine Soucy
1National ChampionshipsU23 TTUCI 1.CNSaguenay, QC06/21Adam Roberge
1Val David RRRRNEVal David, QC06/10Marc-Antoine Soucy
1Ontario Track ChampionshipsIndividual PursuitNEMilton, ON03/02Ryan Roth
1National ChampionshipsCriteriumUCI 1.CNSaguenay, QC06/24Nick Zukowsky
1GP CharlevoixStage 1 (Crit)NECharlevoix, QC05/26Adam Roberge
1Classique des AppalachesRRNEVictoriaville, QC08/25Nick Zukowsky
1Tucson Bicycle ClassicGCNETucson, AZ03/18Nick Zukowsky
1Tour de BeauceStage 1UCI 2.2St. Georges, QC06/13Pier-André Côté
1Mardis Lachine #9CritNEMontreal, QC08/07Marc-Antoine Soucy
1GP CharlevoixStage 2 (TT)NECharlevoix, QC05/27Adam Roberge
1GP CharlevoixGCNECharlevoix, QC05/28Adam Roberge
1Tour di via ItaliaCritNEWindsor, ON09/03Ryan Roth
1Quebec Provincial Road ChampionshipsRRNESt Georges, QC08/19Adam Roberge
1White Rock CriteriumCritNEWhite Rock, BC07/14Ryan Roth
1GP Matapédia St 2TTNEAmqui, QC08/09Marc-Antoine Soucy
1Quebec Provincial ITT ChampionshipsTTNESt Georges, QC08/18Adam Roberge
1Criterium Ste AgatheCritNESte Agathe, QC06/02Marc-Antoine Soucy
1Blue Mountains GFRRNECollingwood, ON06/16Travis Samuel
1Tucson Bicycle Classic, Stg 1TTNETucson, AZ03/16Alec Cowan
2National ChampionshipsCriteriumUCI 1.CNSaguenay, QC06/24Ryan Roth
2Picacho TTTTNETucson, AZ02/03Nick Zukowsky
2Ontario Track ChampionshipsPoints raceNEMilton, ON03/03Ryan Roth
2Musselman Honda CriteriumCritNETucson, AZ03/10Pier-André Côté
2Colossal Cave RRRRNETucson, AZ03/11Nick Zukowsky
2Quebec Provincial ITT ChampionshipsTTNESt Georges, QC08/18Charles-Etienne Chretien
2Ontario Provincial U23 ChampionshipsTTNEGrand Valley, ON08/18Adam Jamieson
2Mardis Lachine #4CritNEMontreal, QC06/26Marc-Antoine Soucy
2Tucson Bicycle Classic, Stg 1TTNETucson, AZ03/16Nick Zukowsky
2Mardis Lachine #7CritNEMontreal, QC07/24Marc-Antoine Soucy
2Mardis Lachine #5CritNEMontreal, QC07/03Nick Zukowsky
2GP CharlevoixStage 3 (Hill Climb)NECharlevoix, QC05/27Adam Roberge
2Mardis Lachine #1CritNEMontreal, QC06/05Marc-Antoine Soucy
2GP Matapédia St 3CritNEAmqui, QC08/10Marc-Antoine Soucy
2GP CharlevoixStage 1 (Crit)NECharlevoix, QC05/26Marc-Antoine Soucy
2Joe Martin Stage RaceU23 ClassUCI 2.2Fayetteville, AK04/15
Alec Cowan
2Tucson Bicycle Classic, Stg 3CircuitNETucson, AZ03/18Nick Zukowsky
2National ChampionshipsU23 TTUCI 1.CNSaguenay, QC06/21Nick Zukowsky
2Tour de BeauceStage 4 (Crit)UCI 2.2Quebec, QC06/16Danick Vandale
2Mardis Lachine #10CritNELachine, QC08/14Marc-Antoine Soucy
3Tour de BeauceStage 3a (TT)UCI 2.2St. Prosper, QC06/15Adam Roberge
3GP ContrecoeurRRNESte Martine, QC05/13Nick Zukowsky
3Twilight GPCritNEKitchener, ON07/27Ryan Roth
3National ChampionshipsU23 TTUCI 1.CNSaguenay, QC06/21Adam Jamieson
3Tucson Bicycle Classic, Stg 1TTNETucson, AZ03/16Adam Roberge
3Blue Mountains GFRRNECollingwood, ON06/16Graydon Staples
3Mardis Lachine #8CritNEMontreal, QC07/31Marc-Antoine Soucy
3Quebec Provincial Road ChampionshipsRRNESt Georges, QC08/19Nicolas Masbourian
3National ChampionshipsCriteriumUCI 1.CNSaguenay, QC06/24Pier-André Côté
3Gastown GPCritNEVancouver, BC07/11Emile Jean
3Criterium Ste AgatheCritNESte Agathe, QC06/02Nick Zukowsky
4New Westminster GP, BC SuperweekCritN#New Westminster, BC07/10Emile Jean
4GP Charlevoix Stage 2 (TT)NECharlevoix, QC05/27Marc-Antoine Soucy
4Delta RRRRUCI 1.2Delta, BC07/08Emile Jean
4GP CharlevoixStage 3 (Hill Climb)NECharlevoix, QC05/27Marc-Antoine Soucy
4Mardis Lachine #4CritNEMontreal, QC06/26Nick Zukowsky
4GP ContrecoeurRRNESte Martine, QC05/13Pier-André Côté
4Mardis Lachine #6CritNEMontreal, QC07/10Nick Zukowsky
4Classique des AppalachesRRNEVictoriaville, QC08/25Emile Jean
4Oracle RRRRNETucson, AZ01/27Alec Cowan
4Quebec Provincial ITT ChampionshipsTTNESt Georges, QC08/18Marc-Antoine Soucy
4Tour de BeauceStage 2UCI 2.2Lac Megantic, QC06/14Adam Roberge
4GP Matapédia St GCGCNEAmqui, QC08/12Marc-Antoine Soucy
4Val David RRRRNEVal David, QC06/10Charles-Etienne Chretien
4Tucson Bicycle Classic, Stg 2RRNETucson, AZ03/17
Alec Cowan
4Tucson Bicycle Classic, Stg 3CircuitNETucson, AZ03/18Danick Vandale
4Ontario Provincial ChampionshipsRR (U23)NEKitchener, ON06/03Graydon Staples
4GP Le NordetRRNEMt Tremblant, QC06/03Adam Roberge
4Tucson Bicycle ClassicGCNETucson, AZ03/18Adam Roberge
4Giro di BurnabyCritNEVancouver, BC07/12Emile Jean
4National ChampionshipsElite TTUCI 1.CNSaguenay, QC06/21Adam Roberge
4National ChampionshipsU23 RRUCI 1.CNSaguenay, QC06/23Nick Zukowsky
5Tucson Bicycle Classic, Stg 1TTNETucson, AZ03/16Pier-André Côté
5Mardis Lachine #2CritNEMontreal, QC06/12Marc-Antoine Soucy
5Quebec Provincial ITT ChampionshipsTTNESt Georges, QC08/18Nicolas Masbourian
5GP Le NordetRRNEMt Tremblant, QC06/03Marc-Antoine Soucy
5National ChampionshipsElite TTUCI 1.CNSaguenay, QC06/21Adam Roberge
5Tucson Bicycle ClassicGCNETucson, AZ03/18Alec Cowan
5National ChampionshipsElite TTUCI 1.CNSaguenay, QC06/21Ryan Roth
5GP ContrecoeurRRNESte Martine, QC05/13Emile Jean
5Colorado ClassicStage 32.HCColorado, USA08/18Pier-Andre Cote
5Ladner Crit, BC SuperweekCritNEDelta, BC07/07Emile Jean
6Tour of Utah, Stg 3RR2.HCUtah, USA08/09Pier-André Côté
6Tucson Bicycle ClassicGCNETucson, AZ03/18Pier-André Côté
6Classique des AppalachesRRNEVictoriaville, QC08/25Pier-Andre Cote
6Benco Crit, BC SuperweekCritNEDelta, BC07/06Pier-André Côté
6GP CharlevoixStage 4 (RR)NECharlevoix, QC05/28Adam Roberge
6Tour of GilaStage 3 (TT)UCI 2.2Tyrone, NM04/20
Adam Roberge
6National ChampionshipsCriteriumUCI 1.CNSaguenay, QC06/24Adam Roberge
7Green Mountain Stage RaceStage 4NEVermont, USA09/01Adam Jamieson
7Joe Martin Stage RaceGCUCI 2.2Fayetteville, AK04/15
Alec Cowan
7Oracle RRRRNETucson, AZ01/27Nick Zukowsky
7Colorado Classic Stage 32.HCColorado, USA08/18Ryan Roth
7Tucson Bicycle Classic, Stg 2RRNETucson, AZ03/17
Pier-André Côté
7National ChampionshipsElite RRUCI 1.CNSaguenay, QC06/23Ryan Roth
7National ChampionshipsCriteriumUCI 1.CNSaguenay, QC06/24Danick Vandale
7Tour of Utah (U23)GC2.HCUtah, USA08/12Nikolas Zukowsky
7Val David RRRRNEVal David, QC06/10Nicolas Masbourian
7Mardis Lachine #5CritNEMontreal, QC07/03Marc-Antoine Soucy
7Colossal Cave RRRRNETucson, AZ03/11Danick Vandale
7Tour de BeauceStage 3bUCI 2.2St. Georges, QC06/15Adam Roberge
7Tucson Bicycle Classic, Stg 3CircuitNETucson, AZ03/18Adam Roberge
8Tucson Bicycle Classic, Stg 3CircuitNETucson, AZ03/18Pier-André Côté
8Mardis Lachine Series 2018 OverallCritNELachine, QC 08/14Pier-Andre Cote
8GP Matapédia St 1CircuitNEAmqui, QC08/09Marc-Antoine Soucy
8Tour of GilaStage 3 (TT)UCI 2.2Tyrone, NM04/20Alec Cowan
8Classique des AppalachesRRNEVictoriaville, QC08/25Adam Roberge
8Winston-Salem ClassicRRUCI 1.1North Carolina, USA05/28Nick Zukowsky
8Colossal Cave RRRRNETucson, AZ03/11Alec Cowan
9Tour of GilaStage 2UCI 2.2Fort Bayard, NM04/19Pier-André Côté
9Tour de BeauceStage 3bUCI 2.2St. Georges, QC06/15Charles-Etienne Chretien
9Tucson Bicycle Classic, Stg 1TTNETucson, AZ03/16Travis Samuel
9National ChampionshipsElite TTUCI 1.CNSaguenay, QC06/21Nick Zukowsky
9Tour of GilaU23 ClassUCI 2.2Silver City, NM04/22Nick Zukowsky
9PoCo BPCritNEVancovuer, BC07/13Adam Jamieson
9National ChampionshipsU23 RRUCI 1.CNSaguenay, QC06/23Pier-André Côté
9Colossal Cave RRRRNETucson, AZ03/11Travis Samuel
9Tour de BeauceStage 3a (TT)UCI 2.2St. Prosper, QC06/15Ryan Roth
10Tour of GilaStage 2UCI 2.2Fort Bayard, NM04/19Alec Cowan
10National ChampionshipsElite TTUCI 1.CNSaguenay, QC06/21Adam Jamieson
10Gastown GPCritNEVancouver, BC07/11Stephen Bassett
10Tucson Bicycle ClassicGCNETucson, AZ03/18Travis Samuel
11Winston-Salem ClassicRRUCI 1.1North Carolina, USA05/28Pier-André Côté
16Winston-Salem ClassicRRUCI 1.1North Carolina, USA05/28Danick Vandale


Top 10

uci-america Silber finished the season ranked 8th of 50 teams on the UCI America Tour. Four Silber riders were selected for the World Championships.

PlaceRaceStage/EventClassLocationDate mm/ddRider
1Canada GamesRRNEManitoba08/09Pier-André Côté
1National Championships (U23)Time TrialUCI 1.CNOttawa06/27Adam Roberge
1Grand Pointe #2RRNEManitoba07/05Danick Vandale
1Chrono St. Raymond - Canada Games Selection TTNEQuebec05/14Adam Roberge
1Tour of AlbertaKOM Jersey UCI 2.1Alberta09/04Alec Cowan
1Tour de Beauce1UCI 2.2Quebec06/14Emile Jean
1UCLA Road RaceRRNECalifornia02/12Nigel Ellsay
1Tucson Classic1 (TT)NE Arizona03/17Ryan Roth
1GPC Charlevoix3 (Hill Climb)NEQuebec06/03Nic Masbourian
1Manitoba Road ChampionshipsRRNEManitoba08/27Danick Vandale
1Manitoba Crit ChampionshipsCritNEManitoba08/26Danick Vandale
1Tour de BeauceKOMUCI 2.2Quebec06/15Nigel Ellsay
1GPC Charlevoix1 (Crit)NEQuebec06/02Pier-André Côté
1Ontario Road ChampionshipsRRNEOntario06/04Ryan Roth
1National ChampionshipCriteriumNEAylmer, Quebec06/28Pier-André Côté
1GP St-CalixteRRNEQuebec07/09Nick Zukowsky
1Mardis Lachine #10CritNEQuebec08/15Pier-André Côté
1Canada GamesCritNEManitoba08/10Pier-André Côté
1GPC Charlevoix2 (ITT)NEQuebec06/03Adam Roberge
1Johnson City OmniumTTNETennessee06/02Stephen Bassett
1GP Saguenay2UCI 2.2Quebec06/09Emile Jean
1Cameron Law Cycling SeriesTTNEBritish Columbia06/02Nigel Ellsay
1Canada GamesTTNEManitoba08/08Adam Roberge
1Tour de Beauce3a (TT)UCI 2.2Quebec06/16 Alec Cowan
1Mardis Lachine #3CritNEQuebec06/20Pier-André Côté
1Tour of UtahOverall Fan-Favourite JerseyUCI 2.HCUtah08/06Pier-André Côté
1Tour of UtahYoung Rider Fan-FavouriteUCI 2.HCUtah08/05Pier-André Côté
1St. Raymond - Canada Games Selection CriteriumNEQuebec05/14Pier-André Côté
1GP St. Raymond - Canada Games Selection RRNEQuebec05/13Nick Zukowsky
2Quebec Provincial ITT ChampionshipsTTNEQuebec08/19Adam Roberge
2Criterium NationaleCriteriumNEQuebec09/09Nick Zukowsky
2RBC Whistler Gran FondoRRNEBritish Columbia09/09Nigel Ellsay
2GPC Charlevoix2 (ITT)NEQuebec06/03Nick Zukowsky
2Schwalbe Cycling ClassicRRNEBritish Columbia06/03Nigel Ellsay
2Winston Salem Cycling ClassicRRUCI 1.1North Carolina05/29Ryan Roth
2National Championships (U23)Time TrialUCI 1.CNOttawa06/27Nick Zukowsky
2GP Saguenay2UCI 2.2Quebec06/09Stephen Bassett
2Chrono St. Raymond - Canada Games Selection TTNEQuebec05/14Nick Zukowsky
2Canada GamesCritNEManitoba08/10Marc-Antoine Soucy
2Tucson ClassicGCNEArizona03/19Nigel Ellsay
2Canada GamesTTNEManitoba08/08Pier-André Côté
2GP Saguenay4UCI 2.2Quebec06/11Stephen Bassett
2National ChampionshipsTime TrialUCI 1.CNOttawa06/27Nigel Ellsay
2GP Le NordetRRNEQuebec05/20Nick Zukowsky
2Classique des AppalachesRRNEQuebec09/17Julien Gagne
3GPC Charlevoix3 (Hill Climb)NEQuebec06/03Nick Zukowsky
3National Championships (U23)Time TrialUCI 1.CNOttawa06/27Alec Cowan
3Tour of the Gila3 (TT)UCI 2.2New Mexico04/21Nigel Ellsay
3Joe Martin Stage Race4UCI 2.2Arkansas04/02Alec Cowan
3National ChampionshipsRoad RaceUCI 1.CNOttawa06/25Pier-André Côté
3Mardis Lachine #5CritNEQuebec07/04Emile Jean
3GP St. RaymondRRNEQuebec05/13Emile Jean
3Joe Martin Stage RaceTEAM UCI 2.2Arkansas04/02TEAM GC
3 Tucson Classic2 (RR) NE Arizona03/18 Nigel Ellsay
3Tucson Classic1 (TT)NE Arizona03/17Nigel Ellsay
3Classique des AppalachesRRNEQuebec09/17Nick Zukowsky
3BC Superweek RR NEBC 07/16 Nigel Ellsay
3GP Val DavidRRNEQuebec07/02Nick Zukowsky
4Thule TTTTNEQuebec05/06Pier-André Côté
4GP Saguenay3UCI 2.2Quebec06/10Alec Cowan
4Canada GamesRRNEManitoba08/09Marc-Antoine Soucy
4Quebec Provincial ITT ChampionshipsTTNEQuebec08/19Nick Zukowsky
4BC Superweek - White Rock Criterium NEBC 07/15Pier-André Côté
4Canada GamesTTNEManitoba08/08Nick Zukowsky
4Classique des ApplaachesRRNEQuebec 09/17Adam Roberge
4Redlands Bicycle Classic1 (TT)PRTCalifornia05/03Nigel Ellsay
4Tucson Classic2 (RR) NE Arizona03/18Nic Masbourian
4Cascade Classic3UCI 2.2Oregon07/21Stephen Bassett
4GP St. Raymond - Canada Games Selection RRNEQuebec05/13Pier-André Côté
5GP Le NordetRRNEQuebec05/20Adam Roberge
5BC Superweek New West GP NEBC07/11Pier-André Côté
5BC Superweek RR NEBC 07/16Ryan Roth
5Tucson ClassicGCNEArizona03/19Nick Zukowsky
5Tucson Classic1 (TT)NE Arizona03/17Nick Zukowsky
5Tour of Alberta4UCI 2.1Alberta09/04Pier-André Côté
5Johnson City OmniumRRNETennessee06/03Stephen Bassett
5GPC Charlevoix3 (Hill Climb)NEQuebec06/03Adam Roberge
5Chrono St. Raymond - Canada Games Selection TTNEQuebec05/14Pier-André Côté
6Mardis Lachine #5CritNEQuebec07/04Pier-André Côté
6Santa Catalina OmniumRRNEArizona01/29Adam Roberge
6Tour de Beauce1UCI 2.2Quebec06/14Alec Cowan
6GP Le NordetRRNEQuebec05/20Julien Gagne
6BC Superweek Poco GP NEBC 07/14Emile Jean
6BC Superweek - Delta Ladner Criterium NEBC 07/08Pier-André Côté
6GPC Charlevoix1 (Crit)NEQuebec06/02Nic Masbourian
6Fieldstone CritCritNEOntario07/29Ryan Roth
6Quebec Provincial Road ChampionshipsRRNEQuebec08/20Nick Zukowsky
6Joe Martin Stage Race3UCI 2.2Arkansas04/01Pier-André Côté
6Santa Catalina OmniumCriteriumNEArizona01/28Adam Roberge
6Redlands Bicycle ClassicGCPRTCalifornia05/07Nigel Ellsay
7Tour of Alberta3UCI 2.1Alberta09/03Pier-André Côté
7Cascade ClassicGCUCI 2.2Oregon07/23Nigel Ellsay
7BC Superweek- White Rock RR NEBC 07/16Pier-André Côté
7Joe Martin Stage RaceGCUCI 2.2Arkansas04/02Nigel Ellsay
7Joe Martin Stage Race1 (TT)UCI 2.2Arkansas03/30Nigel Ellsay
7Canada GamesRRNEManitoba08/09Adam Roberge
8GPC Charlevoix3 (Hill Climb)NEQuebec06/03Julien Gagne
8Tucson Classic2 (RR) NE Arizona03/18Nick Zukowsky
8Quebec Provincial ITT ChampionshipsTTNEQuebec08/19Pier-André Côté
8Tour de Beauce3bUCI 2.2Quebec06/16Ryan Roth
8Tucson Classic3 (Circuit)NEArizona03/19Nigel Ellsay
8GP ContrecoeurRRNEQuebec04/15Emile Jean
8Tour of the Gila2UCI 2.2New Mexico04/20Alec Cowan
8Twilight CritCritNEOntario07/28Ryan Roth
8BC Superweek Giro di Burnaby NEBC 07/13Emile Jean
8Cascade Classic1UCI 2.2Oregon07/19Nigel Ellsay
9GP St. Raymond - Canada Games Selection RRNEQuebec05/13Adam Roberge
9Tour of Utah4UCI 2.HCUtah08/03Pier-André Côté
9St. Raymond - Canada Games Selection CriteriumNEQuebec05/14Adam Roberge
9Tour of the Gila3 (TT)UCI 2.2New Mexico04/21Alec Cowan
9Santa Catalina OmniumRRNEArizona01/29Nick Zukowsky
9BC Superweek - Delta Brenco Criterium NEBC 07/07Ryan Roth
9GPC Charlevoix3 (Hill Climb)NEQuebec06/03Pier-André Côté
9Tucson Classic2 (RR)NE Arizona03/18Pier-André Côté
9Joe Martin Stage Race4UCI 2.2Arkansas04/02Stephen Bassett
9Quebec Provincial Road ChampionshipsRRNEQuebec08/20Pier-André Côté
9Winston Salem Cycling ClassicCritPRTNorth Carolina05/27Ryan Roth
National Championships Time TrialUCI 1.CNOttawa06/27Emile Jean
9Cascade Classic2 (TT)UCI 2.2Oregon07/20Nigel Ellsay
9GPC Charlevoix2 (ITT)NEQuebec06/03Nic Masbourian
9Tour de Beauce3a (TT)UCI 2.2Quebec06/16 Nigel Ellsay
9Tucson ClassicGCNEArizona03/19Nic Masbourian
10BC Superweek Gastown GP NEBC 07/12Pier-André Côté
10Steve Bauer Bike ClassicRRNEOntario05/20Ryan Roth
10National ChampionshipsRoad RaceUCI 1.CNOttawa06/25Emile Jean
10Tour de Beauce4UCI 2.2Quebec06/14Alec Cowan
10Tucson Classic1 (TT)NE Arizona03/17Alec Cowan
10Tour of Alberta2UCI 2.1Alberta09/02Pier-André Côté
10Tour of AlbertaGCUCI 2.1Alberta09/04Nigel Ellsay
10GPC Charlevoix2 (ITT)NEQuebec06/03Pier-André Côté
11Tour of Utah1UCI 2.HCUtah07/31Emile Jean
16Tour of Utah2UCI 2.HCUtah08/01Nigel Ellsay


Top 10

uci-america Silber finished the season ranked 2nd of 47 teams on the UCI America Tour. Four Silber riders were selected for the World Championships.

PlaceRaceStage/EventClassDate Rider
1GPC de SaguenaySprint ClassificationUCI 2.2June 9-12, 2016Benjamin Perry
1Winston Salem Cycling ClassicRRUCI 1.1May 30, 2016Ryan Roth
1Valley of the SunStage 1NEFeb 12, 2016Ryan Roth
1Santa Barbara County RRNEJan 30, 2016Matteo Dal-Cin
1Tour of AlbertaTeam ClassificationUCI 2.1Sept 1-5, 2016TEAM
1UCLA RRRRNEFeb 13, 2016Matteo Dal-Cin
1Tucson Bicycle Classic Stage 1, TTNEMar 18, 2016Alex Cataford
1Charlevoix Stage RaceStage 3, Hill ClimbNEJune 4, 2016Michael Le Rossignol
1Tour of Utah1UCI 2.HCAug 1, 2016Kris Dahl
1Canadian Championships Elite
TTUCI CNJune 28, 2016Ryan Roth
1Aldergrove East RRRRNEMar 14, 2016Nigel Ellsay
1GPC de SaguenayTeam GCUCI 2.2June 9-12, 2016TEAM
1Philadelphia International Cycling ClassicYoung Rider Classification
UCI 1.1June 5, 2016Benjamin Perry
1Valley of the SunGCNEFeb 14, 2016Ryan Roth
1Mother's Day O-CupRRNEMay 8, 2016Ryan Roth
1Tour de White RockRRNEJuly 17, 2016Ryan Roth
1MK Delta CriteriumCritNEJuly 8, 2016Elliott Doyle
1Redlands Classic SRKOM ClassificationPRTApr 10, 2016Nigel Ellsay
1GPC de SaguenayGCUCI 2.2June 9-12, 2016Ryan Roth
1GPC de SaguenayStage 1, RRUCI 2.2June 9, 2016Benjamin Perry
1Canadian Championships Elite
CriteriumCNJune 29, 2016Benjamin Perry
1Redlands Classic SRGCPRTApr 10, 2016Matteo Dal-Cin
1GP Cycliste de MontréalKOM1.UWTSept 11, 2016Benjamin Perry
1Canadian Championships U23
RRUCI CNJune 26, 2016Benjamin Perry
1GPC de SaguenayYoung Rider Classification
UCI 2.2June 9-12, 2016Benjamin Perry
1Delta RRRRUCI 2.1July 10, 2016Ryan Roth
1Tour of AlbertaBest CanadianUCI 2.1Sept 1-5, 2016Alex Cataford
2Redlands Classic SRTeam GCPRTApr 10, 2016TEAM
2UCLA RRRRNEFeb 13, 2016Benjamin Perry
2Redlands Classic SRStage 4, CritPRTApr 9, 2016Elliott Doyle
2Canadian Championships EliteRRUCI CNJune 26, 2016Benjamin Perry
2Canadian Championships EliteCriteriumCNJune 28, 2016Kris Dahl
2Canadian Championships EliteTTUCI CNJune 28, 2016Alex Cataford
2Tour de White Rock CriteriumCritNEJuly 16, 2016Kris Dahl
2Charlevoix Stage RaceStage 1, CritNEJune 3, 2016Michael Le Rossignol
2Tour of the GilaStage 3, TTUCI 2.2May 6, 2016Alex Cataford
2Tour of the GilaGCUCI 2.2May 8, 2016Alex Cataford
2GPC de SaguenayYoung Rider Classification
UCI 2.2June 9-12, 2016Nicolas Masbourian
2Giro di BurnabyCritNEJuly 14, 2016Kris Dahl
2Redlands Classic SRStage 3, TTPRTApr 8, 2016Matteo Dal-Cin
2GP Cycliste de la MatapédiaCritNEAug 13, 2016Elliott Doyle
2Joe Martin SRTEAM GCUCI 2.2Apr 24, 2016TEAM
2Joe Martin SRGCUCI 2.2Apr 24, 2016Nigel Ellsay
2Joe Martin SRYoung Rider Classification
UCI 2.2Apr 24, 2016Nigel Ellsay
2Joe Martin SRStage 1, TTUCI 2.2Apr 21, 2016Nigel Ellsay
2Tour of AlbertaYoung RiderUCI 2.1Sept 1-5, 2016Nigel Ellsay
2GPC de SaguenayGCUCI 2.2June 9-12, 2016Benjamin Perry
2GPC de SaguenayStage 4, RRUCI 2.2June 12, 2016Ryan Roth
2Charlevoix Stage RaceStage 4, RRNEJune 5, 2016Michael Le Rossignol
3Tour of the GilaStage 4, CritUCI 2.2May 7, 2016Kris Dahl
3GPC de SaguenayStage 2, RRUCI 2.2June 10, 2016Ryan Roth
3Tour of AlbertaStage 3, RRUCI 2.1Sept 3, 2016Kris Dahl
3Tour of the GilaSprint CompetitionUCI 2.2May 8, 2016Kris Dahl
3MK Delta CriteriumCritNEJuly 8, 2016Kris Dahl
3Steve Bauer ClassicRRNEMay 21, 2016Ryan Roth
3Canadian Championships U23RRUCI CNJune 26, 2016Nicolas Masbourian
3UCLA RRRRNEFeb 13, 2016Nigel Ellsay
3Redlands Classic SRStage 3, TTPRTApr 8, 2016Nigel Ellsay
3Tour de BeauceStage 4, CritUCI 2.2June 18, 2016Benjamin Perry
3GPC de SaguenayStage 1, RRUCI 2.2June 9, 2016Alex Cataford
4PoCo GPCritNEJuly 15, 2016Kris Dahl
4Redlands Classic SRStage 4, CritPRTApr 9, 2016Michael Le Rossignol
4Joe Martin SRStage 4, CritUCI 2.2Apr 24, 2016Nigel Ellsay
4Redlands Classic SRStage 5, RRPRTApr 10, 2016Matteo Dal-Cin
4Charlevoix Stage RaceStage 1, CritNEJune 3, 2016Emile Jean
4Redlands Classic SRStage 2, RRPRTApr 7, 2016Matteo Dal-Cin
4GP St RaymondRRNEMay 15, 2016Michael Le Rossignol
4Santa Barbara County RRNEJan 30, 2016Benjamin Perry
4Les Mardis LachineÉtape 5, CritNEJuly 5, 2016Emile Jean
4GP Cycliste de la MatapédiaHill ClimbNEAug 12, 2016Michael Le Rossignol
4Joe Martin SRYoung Rider Classification
UCI 2.2Apr 24, 2016Benjamin Perry
5Joe Martin SRStage 3, RRUCI 2.2Apr 23, 2016Kris Dahl
5Tour de BeauceStage 5, CircuitUCI 2.2June 19, 2016Benjamin Perry
5Tour of the GilaStage 3, TTUCI 2.2 May 6, 2016Matteo Dal-Cin
5GPC de SaguenayGCUCI 2.2June 9-12, 2016Alex Cataford
5Global Relay Gastown GPCritNEJuly 12, 2016Kris Dahl
5Tour of the GilaStage 2, RRUCI 2.2May 5, 2016Alex Cataford
5Tour of AlbertaGCUCI 2.1Sept 1-5, 2016Alex Cataford
5GPC de SaguenayStage 1, RRUCI 2.2June 9, 2016Ryan Roth
5Giro di BurnabyCritNEJuly 14, 2016Ryan Roth
5Tour of AlbertaStage 3, RRUCI 2.1Sept 3, 2016Alex Cataford
5Brenco CriteriumCritNEJuly 9, 2016Kris Dahl
6Tour de BeauceStage 2, RRUCI 2.2June 16, 2016Ryan Roth
6GPC de SaguenayGCUCI 2.2June 9-12, 2016Matteo Dal-Cin
6Redlands Classic SRStage 1, Circuit RacePRTApr 6, 2016Benjamin Perry
6Tour of AlbertaYoung RiderUCI 2.1Sept 1-5, 2016Benjamin Perry
6Joe Martin SRSprint ClassificationUCI 2.2 Apr 24, 2016Nigel Ellsay
6Tour of UtahYoung RiderUCI 2.HCAug 7, 2016David Drouin
6Canadian Championships EliteCriteriumCNJun 29, 2016Elliot Doyle
6Brenco CriteriumCritNEJuly 9, 2016Elliott Doyle
6San Dimas SRStage 3, CritNEApr 3, 2016Elliott Doyle
6Tour of AlbertaStage 5, CircuitUCI 2.1Sept 5, 2016Kris Dahl
7San Dimas SRStage 3, CritNEApr 3, 2016Benjamin Perry
7Tour of AlbertaStage 2, RRUCI 2.1Sept 2, 2016Kris Dahl
7Les Mardis LachineÉtape 1NEJune 7, 2016Michael Le Rossignol
7Quebec ChampionshipsRRNEAug 21, 2016Michael Le Rossignol
7Tour of AlbertaGCUCI 2.1Sept 1-5, 2016Nigel Ellsay
7Charlevoix Stage RaceStage 4, RRNEJune 5, 2016Julien Gagné
7Tour of AlbertaKOMUCI 2.1Sept 1-5, 2016David Drouin
7San Dimas SRGCNEApr 1-3, 2016Matteo Dal-Cin
7GP Cycliste de la MatapédiaRRNEAug 14, 2016Michael Le Rossignol
7Canadian Championships EliteTTUCI CNJune 28, 2016Kris Dahl
7Joe Martin SRStage 2, RRUCI 2.2Apr 22, 2016Benjamin Perry
7Steve Bauer ClassicRRNEMay 21, 2016Benjamin Perry
7Philadelphia International Cycling ClassicRRUCI 1.1June 5, 2016Benjamin Perry
7Valley of the SunStage 2NEFeb 13, 2016Ryan Roth
7Tour de BeauceStage 1, RRUCI 2.2June 15, 2016Ryan Roth
7Tour de BeauceStage 3a, TTUCI 2.2June 17, 2016Matteo Dal-Cin
7GPC de SaguenayStage 1, RRUCI 2.2June 9, 2016Matteo Dal-Cin
7Tour of the GilaStage 1, RRUCI 2.2May 4, 2016Alex Cataford
7San Dimas SRStage 1, TTNEApr 1, 2016Matteo Dal-Cin
7Charlevoix Stage RaceStage 3, Hill ClimbNEJune 4, 2016Julien Gagné
8Tour of the Gila Stage 5, RRUCI 2.2May 8, 2016Alex Cataford
8GPC de SaguenayStage 2, RRUCI 2.2June 10, 2016Benjamin Perry
8San Dimas SRStage 2, RRNEApr 2, 2016Matteo Dal-Cin
8GPC de SaguenayStage 4, RRUCI 2.2June 12, 2016Benjamin Perry
8San Dimas SRStage 1, TTNEApr 1, 2016Alex Cataford
8Charlevoix Stage RaceStage 2, TTNEJune 4 2016Emile Jean
8Redlands Classic SRStage 2, RRPRTApr 7, 2016Benjamin Perry
8Canadian Championship EliteCriteriumCNJun 29, 2016Michael Le Rossignol
8Joe Martin SRStage 4, Crit UCI 2.2Apr 24, 2016Benjamin Perry
8Joe Martin SRStage 2, RRUCI 2.2Apr 22, 2016Nigel Ellsay
9Tour of AlbertaStage 1, RRUCI 2.1Sept 1, 2016Alex Cataford
9Tour de BeauceGCUCI 2.2June 15-19, 2016Alex Cataford
9Tour of the GilaStage 2, RRUCI 2.2May 5, 2016Kris Dahl
9Charlevoix Stage RaceGCNEJune 5, 2016Michael Le Rossignol
9Tour de White RockOmniumNEJuly 16-17, 2016Nicolas Masbourian
9Tour of AlbertaSprint ClassificationUCI 2.1Sept 1-5, 2016Kris Dahl
9Tucson Bicycle Classic Stage 1, TTNEMar 18, 2016Matteo Dal-Cin
9Tour de BeauceStage 1, RRUCI 2.2June 15, 2016Benjamin Perry
10Tour of AlbertaStage 5, CircuitUCI 2.1Sept 5, 2016Benjamin Perry
10GPC de SaguenayGCUCI 2.2June 9-12, 2016Nicolas Masbourian
10Tour of the GilaStage 1, RRUCI 2.2May 4, 2016Matteo Dal-Cin
10Global Relay Gastown GPCritNEJuly 12, 2016Elliott Doyle
10Redlands Classic SRStage 1, Circuit RacePRTApr 6, 2016Matteo Dal-Cin
10Joe Martin SRSprint ClassificationUCI 2.2 Apr 24, 2016Benjamin Perry
10Canadian Championships Elite
RRUCI CNJune 26, 2016Matteo Dal-Cin
10Tour of AlbertaStage 4, TTUCI 2.1Sept 4, 2016Alex Cataford
10Joe Martin SRGCUCI 2.2Apr 24, 2016Benjamin Perry


Top 10

uci-america Silber finished the season ranked 9th on the UCI America Tour. Four Silber riders were selected for the World Championships.

2Canadian Track ChampionshipsTeam PursuitUCI 1.CNJan 3, 2015Team
2Canadian Track ChampionshipsIndividual PursuitUCI 1.CNJan 4, 2015Ryan Roth
1Santa Barbara ClassicRRNEJan 25, 2015Ben Perry
3Santa Barbara Classic RRNEJan 25, 2015Alex Cataford
3Sanata Catalina OmniumGCNEJan 31- Feb1Ryan Roth
2Santa Catalina OmniumRRNEJan 31- Feb1Matteo Dal-Cin
4Santa Catalina OmniumCritNEJan 31- Feb1Ryan Roth
1UCLA Road RaceRRNEFeb 16, 2015Alex Cataford
3UCLA Road RaceRRNEFeb 16Ben Perry
3Tour of MurrietaStage 2NEMar 14, 2015Elliott Doyle
8Tucson Bicycle ClassicStage 1, TTNEMar 13-15Matteo Dal-Cin
1Tucson Bicycle ClassicStage 2, RRNEMar 13-15Matteo Dal-Cin
7Tucson Bicycle ClassicStage 3, Circuit RaceNEMar 13-15Matteo Dal-Cin
2Tucson Bicycle Classic GCNEMar 13-15Matteo Dal-Cin
8San Dimas SRStage 1, TTNEMar 27-29Ryan Roth
9San Dimas SRStage 1, TTNEMar 27-29Alex Cataford
7San Dimas SRStage 3, CritNEMar 27-29Ryan Roth
5San Dimas SRGCNEMar 27-29Ryan Roth
6San Dimas SRGCNEMar 27-29Alex Cataford
2San Dimas SRU25 GCNEMar 27-29Alex Cataford
2Redlands ClassicStage 2, TTNRCApr 8-12Ryan Roth
9Redlands ClassicStage 2, TTNRCApr 8-12Alex Cataford
4Redlands ClassicStage 4, CritNRCApr 8-12Alexander Ray
7Redlands ClassicStage 4, CritNRCApr 8-12Elliott Doyle
4Redlands ClassicStage 5, RRNRCApr 8-12Alexander Ray
4Contrecouer RRRRNEApr 19, 2015Elliott Doyle
6Joe Martin SRStage 2, RRUCI 2.2, NRCApr 23-26Ryan Roth
9Joe Martin SRStage 3, RRUCI 2.2, NRCApr 23-26Alexander Ray
4Joe Martin SRStage 4, CritUCI 2.2, NRCApr 23-26Alexander Ray
6Joe Martin SRGCUCI 2.2, NRCApr 23-26Alexander Ray
3Joe Martin SRU25 GCUCI 2.2, NRCApr 23-26Alex Cataford
3Joe Martin SRTeam GCUCI 2.2, NRCApr 23-26Team
3Ste-Martine RRRRNEApr 26, 2015Derrick St-John
9Tour of the GilaStage 2, RRUCI 2.2, NRCApr 29 - May 3Matteo Dal-Cin
8Tour of the GilaStage 4, CritUCI 2.2, NRCApr 29 - May 3Alexander Ray
1Clarence-Rockland ClassicRRNEMay 2, 2015Derrick St-John
1MG CriteriumCritNEMay 15, 2015Ben Perry
1Niagara ClassicRRNEMay 16, 2015Ryan Roth
2Niagara Classic RRNEMay 16, 2015Ben Perry
7GP Ste-AgatheRRNEMay 23, 2015Michael Le Rossignol
8GP Ste-AgatheRRNEMay 23, 2015Derrick St-John
1GP CharlevoixStage 1, CritNEMay 29, 2015Nicolas Masbourian
2GP CharlevoixStage 3, Hill ClimbNEMay 30, 2015Nicolas Masbourian
2BC ChampionshipsTTNEMay 30, 2015Nigel Ellsay
1GP SaguenayStage 1, RRUCI 2.2May 29-June 1, 2015Matteo Dal-Cin
2GP SaguenayStage 1, RRUCI 2.2May 29-June 1, 2015Ryan Roth
6GP SaguenayStage 1, RRUCI 2.2May 29-June 1, 2015Ben Perry
10GP SaguenayStage 1, RRUCI 2.2May 29-June 1, 2015Alex Cataford
5GP SaguenayStage 3, CritUCI 2.2May 29-June 1, 2015Alexander Ray
2GP SaguenayStage 4, RRUCI 2.2May 29-June 1, 2015Ryan Roth
5GP SaguenayStage 4, RRUCI 2.2May 29-June 1, 2015Matteo Dal-Cin
8GP SaguenayStage 4, RRUCI 2.2May 29-June 1, 2015Ben Perry
1GP SaguenayGCUCI 2.2May 29-June 1, 2015Matteo Dal-Cin
2GP SaguenayGCUCI 2.2May 29-June 1, 2015Ryan Roth
7GP SaguenayGCUCI 2.2May 29-June 1, 2015Ben Perry
8GP SaguenayGCUCI 2.2May 29-June 1, 2015Alex Cataford
1GP SaguenayTeam ClassificationUCI 2.2May 29-June 1, 2015Team
1Tour de BeauceStage 5, RRUCI 2.2June 10-14, 2015Ben Perry
2Tour de BeauceStage 3A, TTUCI 2.2June 10-14, 2015Ryan Roth
3Tour de BeauceStage 3B, CriteriumUCI 2.2June 10-14, 2015Matteo Dal Cin
3Tour de BeauceTEAM GCUCI 2.2June 10-14, 2015Team
5Tour de BeauceGCUCI 2.2June 10-14, 2015Ryan Roth
8Tour de BeauceStage 3A, TTUCI 2.2June 10-14, 2015Alex Cataford
9Tour de BeauceStage 2, RRUCI 2.2June 10-14, 2015Ryan Roth
5Tour de BeauceStage 5, RRUCI 2.2June 10-14, 2015Ryan Roth
8Philadelphia International Cycling ClassicRRUC! 1.2June 7, 2015Ryan Roth
3GP Val DavidRRNEJune 14, 2015Nicolas Masbourian
2Tour of America's DairylandStage 1, Shorewood Criterium Cycling ClassicNEJune 18, 2015Alexander Ray
7Tour of America's DairylandStage 2, East Troy CriteriumNEJune 19, 2015Alexander Ray
1Kitchener Twilight GPCriteriumNEJune 19, 2015Ryan Roth
3Tour of America's DairylandStage 3, Giro di GraftonNEJune 20, 2015Alexander Ray
1Tour de WaterlooRRNEJune 21, 2015Ryan Roth
7Preston Street CriteriumCriteriumNEJune 21, 2015Matteo Dal-Cin
3Tour of America's DairylandStage 5, Circuit RaceNEJune 22, 2015Alexander Ray
6Tour of America's DairylandStage 6, CritNEJune 23, 2015Alexander Ray
7Tour of America's DairylandStage 8, CritNEJune 25, 2015Alexander Ray
2Canadian National ChampionshipsITTUCI 1.CNJune 25, 2015Ryan Roth
1Canadian National ChampionshipsU23 ITTUCI 1.CNJune 25, 2015Alex Cataford
5Canadian National ChampionshipsU23 ITTUCI 1.CNJune 25, 2015Nigel Ellsay
8Tour of America's DairylandStage 9NEJune 26, 2015Alexander Ray
6Tour of America's DairylandStage 10NEJune 27, 2015Alexander Ray
1Canadian National ChampionshipsU23 RRUCI 1.CNJune 27, 2015Benjamin Perry
3Canadian National ChampionshipsRRUCI 1.CNJune 27, 2015Ryan Roth
3Canadian National ChampionshipsU23 RRUCI 1.CNJune 27, 2015Alex Cataford
1Canadian National ChampionshipsCriteriumNEJune 28, 2015Benjamin Perry
2Canadian National ChampionshipsCriteriumNEJune 28, 2015Nigel Ellsay
3Canadian National ChampionshipsCriteriumNEJune 28, 2015Matteo Dal-Cin
4Canadian National ChampionshipsCriteriumNEJune 28, 2015Alex Cataford
5Canadian National ChampionshipsCriteriumNEJune 28, 2015Nicolas Masbourian
8Canadian National ChampionshipsCriteriumNEJune 28, 2015Michael Le Rossignol
9Canadian National ChampionshipsCriteriumNEJune 28, 2015Derrick St-John
6Tour of America's DairylandStage 11NEJune 28, 2015Alexander Ray
2Tour of America's DairylandGCNEJune 28, 2015Alexander Ray
1Les Mardis cyclistes de LachineStage 5NEJuly 7, 2015Nicolas Masbourian
1MK Delta CriteriumCriteriumNEJuly 10, 2015Ryan Roth
4MK Delta CriteriumCriteriumNEJuly 10, 2015Derrick St-John
8MK Delta CriteriumCriteriumNEJuly 10, 2015Alexander Ray
5Brenco CriteriumCriteriumNEJuly 11, 2015Elliott Doyle
8Brenco CriteriumCriteriumNEJuly 11, 2015Ryan Roth
6Tour de DeltaRRUCI 1.2July 12, 2015Ryan Roth
4UBC GPCriteriumNEJuly 14, 2015Elliott Doyle
1Global Relay Gastown GPCriteriumNEJuly 15, 2015Ryan Roth
7Global Relay Gastown GPCriteriumNEJuly 15, 2015Matteo Dal-Cin
4Giro di BurnabyCriteriumNEJuly 16, 2015Elliott Doyle
1Tour de White RockCriteriumNEJuly 17, 2015Matteo Dal-Cin
5Tour de White RockCriteriumNEJuly 17, 2015Elliott Doyle
7Tour de White RockCriteriumNEJuly 17, 2015Ryan Roth
10Tour de White RockCriteriumNEJuly 17, 2015Derrick St-John
4Tour de White RockRRNEJuly 18, 2015Nigel Ellsay
8Tour de White RockRRNEJuly 18, 2015Alex Cataford
9Tour de White RockRRNEJuly 18, 2015Derrick St-John
3Tour de White RockOmniumNEJuly 18, 2015Matteo Dal-Cin
5Tour de White RockOmniumNEJuly 18, 2015Nigel Ellsay
6Tour de White RockOmniumNEJuly 18, 2015Derrick ST-John
6Tour de White RockOmniumNEJuly 18, 2015Elliott Doyle
8Tour de White RockOmniumNEJuly 18, 2015Alex Cataford
9Tour de White RockOmniumNEJuly 18, 2015Ryan Roth
1Midweek CyclingCriteriumNEJuly 21, 2015Benjamin Perry
3Midweek CyclingCriteriumNEJuly 28, 2015Benjamin Perry
1Tour of the CatskillsStage 1, TTNEJuly 31, 2015Matteo Dal-Cin
2Tour of the CatskillsStage 1, TTNEJuly 31, 2015Alex Cataford
1Tour of the CatskillsStage 2, Circuit RaceNEAugust 1, 2015Alex Cataford
6Tour of the CatskillsStage 2, Circuit RaceNEAugust 1, 2015Michael Le Rossignol
7Tour of the CatskillsStage 2, Circuit RaceNEAugust 1, 2015Matteo Dal-Cin
1Tour de BownessOmnium, RRNEAugust 1, 2015Derrick St-John
1Tour of the CatskillsStage 3, RRNEAugust 2, 2015Matteo Dal-Cin
1Tour of the CatskillsGCNEJuly 31-August 2, 2015Matteo Dal-Cin
4Tour of the CatskillsStage 3, RRNEAugust 2, 2015Alex Cataford
5Tour of the CatskillsStage 3, RRNEAugust 2, 2015Michael Le Rossignol
2Tour of the CatskillsGCNEJuly 31-August 2, 2015Alex Cataford
1Tour of the CatskillsKOMNEJuly 31-August 2, 2015Michael Le Rossignol
1Tour of the CatskillsSprint CompetitionNEJuly 31-August 2, 2015Alex Cataford
2Tour de BownessOmnium, Hill ClimbNEAugust 2, 2015Derrick St-John
2Tour de BownessOmnium, CritNEAugust 3, 2015Derrick St-John
1Tour de BownessOmnium, OverallNEAugust 1-3, 2015Derrick St-John
1Le Tour de Terra CottaRRNEAugust 3, 2015Benjamin Perry
8Le Tour de Terra CottaRRNEAugust 3, 2015Ryan Roth
2Les Mardis cyclistes de LachineStage 8NEAugust 4, 2015Elliott Doyle
8GP MatapédiaStage 1, TTNEAugust 5, 2015Elliott Doyle
2GP MatapédiaStage 2, RRNEAugust 6, 2015Elliott Doyle
6GP MatapédiaStage 3, Hill ClimbNEAugust 7, 2015Nicolas Masbourian
10GP MatapédiaStage 3, Hill ClimbNEAugust 7, 2015Elliott Doyle
3GP MatapédiaStage 4, CritNEAugust 7, 2015Nicolas Masbourian
5GP MatapédiaStage 4, CritNEAugust 7, 2015Elliott Doyle
4GP MatapédiaStage 5, RRNEAugust 8, 2015Elliott Doyle
5GP MatapédiaStage 6, RRNEAugust 9, 2015Elliott Doyle
4GP MatapédiaGCNEAugust 5-9, 2015Elliott Doyle
1GP MatapédiaPoints JerseyNEAugust 5-9, 2015Elliott Doyle
6Midweek CritCriteriumNEAugust 11, 2015Benjamin Perry
7Les Mardis cyclistes de LachineStage 9NEAugust 11, 2015Elliott Doyle
2Les Mardis cyclistes de LachineStage 10NEAugust 18, 2015Elliott Doyle
5Quebec Provincial ChampionshipsTime TrialNEAugust 22, 2015Elliott Doyle
10Quebec Provincial ChampionshipsTime TrialNEAugust 22, 2015Nicolas Masbourian
1Ontario Provincial ChampionshipsTime TrialNEAugust 22, 2015Ryan Roth
1Ontario Provincial ChampionshipsU23 Time TrialNEAugust 22, 2015Alex Cataford
2River Gorge OmniumCritNEAugust 22, 2015Alexander Ray
2Quebec Provincial ChampionshipsRRNEAugust 23, 2015Nicolas Masbourian
10Quebec Provincial ChampionshipsRRNEAugust 23, 2015Michael Le Rossignol
1Ontario Provincial ChampionshipsRRNEAugust 23, 2015Ryan Roth
1Ontario Provincial ChampionshipsU23 RRNEAugust 23, 2015Alex Cataford
2Ontario Provincial ChampionshipsRRNEAugust 23, 2015Benjamin Perry
2River Gorge OmniumGCNEAugust 22.23, 2015Alexander Ray
9Tour of AlbertaTeam Time TrialUCI 2.1September 2, 2015Ryan Roth, Matteo Dal-Cin, Alexander Cataford, Nigel Ellsay, Alexander Ray, Benjamin Perry, Michael Le Rossignol, Derrick St-John
8Tour of AlbertaStage 5, RRUCI 2.1September 6, 2015Alexander Ray
9Tour of AlbertaStage 6, Circuit RaceUCI 2.1September 7, 2015Alexander Ray
1Tour of AlbertaKOMUCI 2.1September 2-7, 2015Benjamin Perry
2Challenge de l'EstOmniumNESeptember 5-6, 2015Elliott Doyle
6Challenge de l'EstKeirinNESeptember 5-6, 2015Elliott Doyle
1GP Cyclistes de QuebecKOMUCI WTSeptember 11, 2015Ryan Roth
8Classique des AppalachesRRNESeptember 19, 2015Michael Le Rossignol
1Canadian Track ChampionshipsTeam PursuitCNOctober 7, 2015Ryan Roth
3Canadian Track ChampionshipsOmniumCNOctober 7-9, 2015Ryan Roth
2Canadian Track ChampionshipsIndividual PursuitCNOctober 8, 2015Ryan Rtoh
2Eastern Ontario Cyclocross Race Series #3CyclocrossNEOctober 11, 2015Matteo Dal-Cin
1Eastern Ontario Cyclocross Race Series #4CyclocrossNEOctober 18, 2015Derrick St-John
2Eastern Ontario Cyclocross Race Series #4CyclocrossNEOctober 18, 2015Matteo Dal-Cin
5Fireman's Cross CyclocrossNEOctober 18, 2015Benjamin Perry
6Canadian Cyclocross ChampionshipsCyclocrossCNOctober 24, 2015Derrick St-John
8Manitoba GPCyclocrossUCI 2.0October 25, 2015Derrick St-John
1Eastern Ontario Cyclocross Race Series #5CyclocrossNEOctober 25, 2015Matteo Dal-Cin
2Quebec Provincial ChampionshipsCyclocrossNENovember 1, 2015Derrick St-John
1Eastern Ontario Cyclocross Race Series #6CyclocrossNENovember 1, 2015Matteo Dal-Cin
1Eastern Ontario Cyclocross Race Series #7CyclocrossNENovember 8, 2015Matteo Dal-Cin
4Vaughan Cyclocross ClassicCyclocrossNENovember 8, 2015Benjamin Perry
8Cycle-Smart International Day 2CyclocrossUCI 2.0November 8, 2015Derrick St-John
3Ontario Provincial Cyclocross ChampionshipsCyclocrossNENovember 15, 2015Benjamin Perry
1Eastern Ontario Cyclocross Race Series #8CyclocrossNENovember 15, 2015Matteo Dal-Cin
2Eastern Ontario Cyclocross Race Series #8CyclocrossNENovember 15, 2015Derrick St-John

PRTUSA Cycling Professional Road Tour
NRC – National Racing Calendar (USA)

UCIInternational Professional Race
NE – Domestic National Event/race

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