One of the great things about bike racing in the modern era is Power Meters. No longer is there a question of what happened when, now we can look exactly at what it took to force a split, make a break, win a sprint, and come out in yellow. Silber has had a tremendous season. But one glaring piece has been missing — the high profile victory.That’s officially been remedied up in beautiful La Baie, Quebec during the first stage of the UCI America ranked Grand Prix de Saguenay. Director Sportif, Gord Fraser takes a deep look inside Matteo Dal-Cin’s Sauguenay Stage 1 Quarq Power File, breaking it down for us to understand what it takes to win, put yourself in yellow and get your first ever UCI win.

First let’s break down the race: A relatively small peloton took the start for the challenging 103 mile circuit race on the shore of the Saguenay river. A lead 20-rider group escaped taking 15 minutes over the depleted peloton. With Optum boasting the two fastest finishers (Boivin and Naud), it would be up to the rest of the break to try to escape.

The main challenge on the circuit was a steep 1km climb immediately after the start finish and Silber’s Matteo Dal Cin attacked and slowly stretched a lead of 10 seconds over the top. Silber had 3 riders left in the break and they neutralized any bridging attempts and the surges behind enabled Matteo to slowly and steadily built his lead up to 40 seconds with a mostly downhill 9km remaining. Optum rallied for their aforementioned sprinters, while Soladay and Selander drove the group with help from a Garneau rider. With 3km remaining, Matteo hung to a healthy 30 second advantage and in the final kilometer, the fast sprint behind cut that advantage down to 14 seconds, however it was not enough and Matteo came out victorious, earning his first ever UCI win.

Gord – Browsing Matteo, the lanky Ottawa rider’s file, it was an impressive day from a data perspective. Particularly impressive was a 20-minute value of 399 watts in his solo move to secure the race’s first leaders yellow jersey.  Congratulations on your winning power file.  What data jumps out at you at first glance?

Matteo- Thanks Gord, I set a new 1min best in the race as our chase group finally made contact with the lead break so that stood out both on the graphs and as a time in the race that was a really big dig. Also with 20min efforts being the baseline for threshold testing coming relatively close to my best 20min power was great to see.

Gord-  How long have you been collecting power data and do you find that race data gives you any direction on where to go with your training?

Matteo- I’ve been pretty religious about uploading data for 3.5years now. Race data is always neat to see as its often the times you hit your best numbers just with the extra motivation that racing gives.

Gord- Finishing a 4-hour stage with a 20 minute effort of 399 watts (421 normalized) gives us an idea what it takes to win a UCI stage in solo fashion.  Were you conscious of your numbers in the moment or were you concentrating on negotiating the course as best as possible?

Matteo- I only have speed, distance and time on my race screen. I was more trying to do an effort that resulted in the highest possible speed, so really pushing on the climbs and trying to be as aero as possible everywhere else.

Silber Rides Quarq Power Meters

Quarq Power Meter

Gord- How have you liked your Quarq Elsa RS?  What features of the unit do you like best?

Matteo- I love it. I’ve used a few different types of power meters in the past and the Quarq feature I’ve been enjoying most of late is the left right balance. I saw a huge drop in power when I rode my stages last year and seeing that my left right isn’t perfectly even answered why that was happening. Its also nice having a number I trust to be accurate to train with again.


Gord-  They say that the yellow jersey gives a rider extra power…

Matteo- Haha I guess it worked!!

#silberbullet Results
After strong finishes by Matteo, Ryan, Alex and Ben on stage 1, the #silberbullets won the Tour of Saguenay. Ben narrowly missed hanging onto the best Young Rider classification. The team won the overall Team GC. GC results were:

  • 1st – Matteo Dal Cin
  • 2nd – Ryan Roth
  • 7th – Ben Perry
  • 8th – Alex Cataford
  • 1st – TEAM Classification
  • 2nd – Young Rider Classification, Ben Perry
  • 3rd – Points Classification, Ryan Roth
  • See more results



Quarq Power Meters

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We started our first season as a UCI continental team in 2014. It was a 5 Yr run as Silber Pro Cycling. In 2019 Floyd Landis became our title sponsor and was joined by Worthy Brewing as a presenting sponsor.

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