Design details and technical upgrades

Silber Pro Cycling riders will once again be wearing custom Giordana Cycling Apparel for 2018. The Canadian Continental team’s partnership with the Italian clothing manufacturer is now in its fourth year. Giordana’s design team established the team’s distinctive orange look in 2015. This year they’ve added accents to the shoulders and back while retaining Silber’s vibrant orange colourway, which makes the riders readily identifiable on the road and in the peloton.

2018 Silber Giordana kit

Silber riders have also annually benefitted from the continual evolution of the FR-C Pro clothing line. Gone are the days of the standard quick turn-around full-zip, 3-pocket jersey.  The FR-C Pro jersey, which is also worn by World Tour teams Mitchelton – Scott and Astana, responds to the latest developments in both aerodynamics and textile manufacturing.

Produced in Giordana’s new facility, the FR-C Pro jersey now combines 16 panels of lightweight, breathable fabric. Each is laser cut and modeled in combination to reduce bunching and to maximize aerodynamics in the riding position. Giordana’s commitment to performance technical-wear extends to the zippers, ergonomic collar and surrounding fabrics which combine to minimize “zipper roll” when riding in the drops. Nice touches include reflective tabs for visibility and a fourth zip pocket for valuables.

Silber will again be using NX-G chronosuits for time trials. The NX-G line incorporates Thermal Bonding Technology to create a “second skin” fit. These suits were extremely popular amongst Silber riders, who noted the aerodynamics and raved about the comfort on the way to sweeping the U23 podium at the Canadian ITT Championships.

pic: Pasquale Stalteri

The ties between Giordana and Silber in fact go well beyond 4 years. The team’s Sport Director, Gord Fraser, spent 9 of his 13 years as a pro in Giordana.

Giordana’s consistent quality, comfort and sizing make it the top choice for enjoyable riding.  It’s functionality is unsurpassed and I still look and feel like a pro 12 years on since retirement.

Gord Fraser

As the team heads into its fifth year on the UCI America Tour, Silber orange is proud to be part of Giordana’s unfolding legacy of innovative technical wear for cyclists.




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